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Leveraging our hands-on technical expertise, deep automation skills and engineering mindset, we assist the best B2B brands in the world on their journey to enhanced digitalization.

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Raise your company's digital intelligence. Mobilize MarTech solutions towards the greatest business impact.

Join forces with a great team of marketing automation experts that easily embeds in your existing marketing team, augmenting the strategic and technical expertise so critical in today's online world.

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With a keen focus on discovering new paths for complex marketing automation challenges, and on leveraging data engineering best practices, we guide enterprise leaders towards a path of great digital progress.

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Eloqua Consulting

GDPR Compliance In The Era Of Marketing Automation

Consumer data heavily influence business operations. In the last decade alone, data has become the living heartbeat of marketing automation systems. It allows systems to take a large number of decisions in a short time, enrooted in the information collected and processed, making all business processes vastly more efficient. If your business is located or has customers in the EU, then your data practices require GDPR compliance.

Eloqua Consulting

Cybersecurity And Data Management In Digital Ecosystems

In short, data governance is the formulation of policies meant to optimize, secure and leverage information, by aligning objectives between multiple functions. Besides understanding what data governance is, we have to acknowledge why it’s essential. A company’s size, database size, and specific digital marketing strategy are all variables that factor into touchpoint governance design.

Eloqua Consulting

8 Reasons Why Enterprises Choose Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation

Leader Oracle Eloqua is the most powerful marketing automation platform in the industry. With enhanced capabilities designated to scale the needs of large-size enterprises and smaller business customers alike, Eloqua has nearly 400 applications and third-party platform integrations. While improving the future, Eloqua’s goal is to turn digital marketing into a lead-driving machine. Actually, Eloqua builds the foundation for efficient automated marketing campaigns by helping companies focus on engaging with their target buyers using personal and meaningful experiences.

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Playing in the field of true enterprise innovators, we are on a mission to help brands globally connect with their customers through marketing technologies, and to guide marketers further towards brand new frontiers of operational, marketing automation efficiency.