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We are a boutique marketing automation agency that easily embeds into your existing digital team, augmenting the strategic and technical expertise ever so critical in the current fast-paced world.

Founded by an exclusive group of consultants with 10 years+ of experience in Marketing Automation and Project Management, we aim to support the new marketing dynamics by enabling our high level of expertise, professionalism and attention to detail, in any of the major MarTech platforms.

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Changing the digital game for global
leading companies and brands

Playing in the field of true enterprise innovators, we are on a mission to help brands globally connect with their customers through marketing technology and to guide marketers towards new frontiers of operational efficiency. Leveraging marketing automation best practices, we help top Fortune 500 enterprises and aspiring ones alike, solve complex challenges in large-scale digital marketing.

Our values, that shape us and connect us:


We believe that marketing technologies should be accessible to any digital team, regardless of the business size, location, or industry.

Passion for technology

We get fueled by the belief that everything is possible! Technology is part of us and finding solutions is our thrill.

Work ethics

We remain true to our high levels of honesty, integrity and accountability, which we share with our customers’ teams.


We bring our thought leadership into every project and proactively enable a smooth transition from scoping to delivery.

Why working with us is a different experience
than any other on-demand team augmentation service
you've ever contracted before

First contact is made with people who are actually going to work with you, not getting disconnected from your long term goals.

We are not shy to speak up if we believe we can truly bring additional value to your project.

We deliver top-class standards work ethics and flexibility, never hiding behind a Statement-of-Work.

Our services are bespoke and focused on business outcomes. We collaborate with your team to calibrate success together.

We pick a limited, select list of customers that we service at the same quality-level, never promising what we cannot deliver.

Your success is our success, so we’ll advise your team in any part of the process we are involved in, making it easier for everyone to deliver.

We nurture our people and give them opportunities to develop professionally, by investing trust and praising innovation.

We share knowledge and expertise internally so that you can benefit from extended best practices and innovative solutions.

Milestones in changing the digital game for global
leading companies and brands

  • An exclusive group of consultants with 10+ years of experience at enterprise-level and certified marketing automation expertise founded Logarithmic Solutions.


  • The first enterprise-level customer for campaign configuration and the first long-term commitment with a FORTUNE 500 client. Our focus stayed on building a center of excellence for campaign configuration services. Curating technology solutions becomes a go-to for already existing clients.


  • The team increased and more complex projects were incoming. First large-scale migration from Marketo to Eloqua. Our focus stayed on getting fully embedded in our customer’s team from strategic technical support to operational efficiency.


  • Our team quadrupled since starting, extending our marketing automation forces with seasoned consultants, specialized developers, reporting experts and configuration managers. Customer portfolio increased with another big FORTUNE 500 company.


  • Our focus moved on consulting and high-level strategy-related planning, advising customers on marketing redesign strategies. We revamped our QA for first-class quality and delivered consultancy and hands-on solutions for Global Privacy challenges for one of our FORTUNE 500 customers.


  • We deployed a Global Eloqua instance for another FORTUNE 500 customer and we are continuing our marketing automation consulting journey.


Meet a team driven by the unlimited exploration
possibilities of the digital world

Discover a team of smart, experienced, innovative, and genuine people excited to apply human intelligence to sales and marketing technologies. We love to help enterprise companies fill the gaps in utilizing technology when driving innovation.

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