Eloqua Marketing Automation

Marketing automation originally referred to software developed to automate so-called repetitive tasks and was often seen as a subset of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) enabling marketing divisions to increase efficiency. There is a strong link between marketing automation, content marketing, content management and other platforms. Marketing automation has shifted away from the pure automation aspect to an integrated marketing approach whereby automated workflows, pre-defined scenarios and various customer-driven triggers are set up in a connected and omnichannel...

With well over 1,000 customers and 60,000 users among 33 countries, Eloqua is a marketing software market share leader. In fact, Eloqua is regarded by many as having created the category for marketing automation software. The company kicked off operations in 1999, released the first version in 2000 and become an early leader for competitors to catch. After becoming the first marketing automation software publisher to go public, Eloqua was acquired by Oracle. Today the Oracle...

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