Classic Rookie Mistakes with Eloqua

Classic Rookie Mistakes With Eloqua

Classic Rookie Mistakes with Eloqua

You don’t need to understand how Eloqua works to quickly see what kinds of issues newbies run up against. Makes for good reading if you want to gain some insight about Eloqua Platform (It also suggests where product management could make some improvements…).

If we want to integrate with Eloqua we need to consider how another application might “discover” Eloqua objects when it is clear that humans are having trouble finding/managing their own content!


  • 1. Not following the setup guides. You need to benchmark, develop data dictionaries, naming conventions, etc. We didn’t do this until almost a year in and really lost almost a year’s worth of true productivity.
  • 2. Running a bunch of campaigns out of the “testing area” email group.
  • 3. Placing filler content in an active campaign. Whoops – just sent an email out with “NEED SUBJECT LINE” in the subject line area.
  • 4. I see people skimming over best practices because “We need to get value out of this investment, so we need to start sending lots of emails…” Obviously, I am a proponent for seeing the highest ROI possible, but many times this means slowing down enough to think through the strategy for your naming conventions, email groups, campaign strategy and business processes.
  • 5. Not using segmenting/filtering contacts properly with the right combination of “and,” “or,” and, correct grouping.
  • 6. You’re right… that one totally plays with your mind, and then you get into include/exclude. We’ll usually have an extra person or two check our logic.
  • 7. I heard of a story where emails were being sent from reps that were no longer with the company…
  • 10. How about forgetting to set AM/PM in the wait step so the campaign gets sent out stupid o’clock in the morning!!!

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