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As trusted MarTech advisors who partner with top Fortune 500 enterprise companies and aspiring ones alike, our Eloqua consultants help marketing and sales teams substantially increase their impact on business results, with skilled marketing automation know-how and best practices.

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Gain confidence in your marketing automation technology. Innovate and evolve in your business operations with sharp Eloqua Consulting

Fine-tune your marketing automation technology and continuously develop it to ensure your marketing and sales digital transformation achieves mission-critical business goals. Our experienced consultants will stay by your teams' side while architecting frameworks, optimizing funnels, designing workflows and modeling accurate marketing reporting.

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We offer an extensive range of advisory and execution- oriented Eloqua Consulting Services

Marketing and
Sales Alignment

We enable enterprises to optimize opportunities through expert Revenue Performance Management. From determining and assessing your revenue drivers to identifying revenue improvement opportunities or delivering new revenue initiatives, we are focused on optimizing top-line growth. Our closed-loop reporting framework brings data collected by marketing and sales together, empowering decision-making based on what drives the greatest RoI.

Lead Management

We can assist you with designing a custom blueprint for your marketing and sales funnel, aiding with the identification of everything from lead matching, routing, and ownership, to defining systematic ways for lead scoring and lead nurturing.

We'll help set-up clear definitions and processes, triggered at the Automation Qualified Lead (AQL) stage to ensure quality doesn't suffer.


Half marketers, half engineers. Our success depends on our ability to help sales reps sell. We'll bridge the gap between marketing and sales with custom, out-of-the-box tools that reveal marketing data for sales intelligence. An agile new sales rep will rise, equipped with all the right sales enablement tools - Eloqua Profiler, Custom Digital Footprint platforms, Prospecting Hubs - with the ability to read prospects' digital body language and simply guide them further.

Technical Support

Mastering the ever-evolving Eloqua technology, our seasoned consultants enable the full technical potential of your marketing automation platform, in consistent alignment with mission-critical business goals. We fine-tune strategy requirements to match existing technical capabilities, ensuring industry best practices.


Making use of a structured approach, we can help you model relevant reporting templates, so your marketing team gets to really focus on actual KPI analysis and productivity optimization. We will assist you in defining an accurate data dictionary for all relevant marketing insights and key performance indicators.

Platform Audit

We provide the comprehensive assessment of your Eloqua instance and entire marketing automation stack, to ensure settings are accurately and efficiently executed. We can help you understand if you are fully utilizing your platform's capabilities, and advise on any potential enhancements and optimization.

Qualified Eloqua Consulting Services. Hear it from companies like yours:


Kudos to their team for fully understanding marketing automation platforms, advanced task within each platform, and developer capabilities. All members of the team are very accommodating and willing to go the extra mile even if it may be a task they do not fully understand, rest assured they will research and to the best of their ability come up with a solution in solving. Thumbs up to the entire team.

Kelli Dillon

Demand Generation Program Manager, Iron Horse Interactive

Customer Success Story

Between GDPR, emerging technologies and new devices, compliance with a long list of requirements, or human error risks - data privacy management can be as overwhelming as it is critical. Check out our expertise reconstructing the Privacy Flow in Eloqua for a Fortune 500 tech giant in as little as 2 months.

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MarTech Service Trial

Within a complex mix of data priorities and databases, the single source of truth for privacy values often gets corrupted. Schedule a free Eloqua Privacy Flow audit with our specialists and let us assist you in identifying where you can further perfect your sensitive data management in the face of changing risks.

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What you can expect from working with our Eloqua Consultants

Eloqua Consulting

Crystal-clear visibility into what works

Eloqua Consulting

Thorough understanding of your prospects' digital body language

Eloqua Consulting

Accelerated sales cycles and accurate leads

Eloqua Consulting

Deeper, detailed insights into your customers' motivation and behavior

Eloqua Consulting

Unlocked value of your business data

Eloqua Consulting

Stronger marketing automation technology Return on Investment