Eloqua Marketing Software Review

Codrin Teiu

Eloqua Marketing Software Review

With well over 1,000 customers and 60,000 users among 33 countries, Eloqua is a marketing software market share leader. In fact, Eloqua is regarded by many as having created the category for marketing automation software. The company kicked off operations in 1999, released the first version in 2000 and become an early leader for competitors to catch. After becoming the first marketing automation software publisher to go public, Eloqua was acquired by Oracle. Today the Oracle Eloqua solution is also one of the few marketing software systems to span from small business customers to some of the largest enterprise organizations. The company’s customer base allocation consists of approximately 30% enterprise customers, 43% midsize customers and the remaining 27% made up of small and midsize businesses (SMB).

Lead Acquisitions

Eloqua can source leads from website landing pages, CRM software systems, other external databases or third party lists.

Creating landing pages, submit forms, emails and campaigns in the Eloqua campaign editor is done with a visual designer using drag and drop placement on an open canvas. Landing pages, forms, target lists and email templates are created separately from campaigns so that they can be shared and reused among campaigns. These assets also make use their own components sharing and assembly by using common headers, footers, content blocks, links and images.

A campaign designer merges the elements of audience, assets, decision rules and actions to define the desired processes. Eloqua offers more precise controls within steps than most marketing software systems. For example, an email distribution step can be further defined to be sent during certain days and hours, instead of being sent automatically and immediately upon a triggering event in a sequence. Other options for email signatures, the breakdown of email distributions into batches and email response handling are examples of many granular controls which experienced marketers seek.

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Codrin Teiu
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