Implementing Salesforce Knowledge – 10 Things that you need to know

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Implementing Salesforce Knowledge – 10 Things that you need to know

Salesforce Knowledge provides the framework for a knowledge base that can enable your organization to quickly create and easily manage information that you want to share with internal or external users. Regardless of whether your organization has already decided to leverage Salesforce Knowledge, important questions and decisions need to be evaluated prior to embarking on an implantation. Here are ten basic questions that you should review before implementing Salesforce Knowledge.

How much control does your organization need over the article lifecycle?

Maybe you want to empower your support teams to create, edit, review, and publish articles for repurpose to solve customer’s issues, but you’re worried about giving too much freedom in the publishing process. Salesforce Knowledge provides flexible solutions for managing your organization’s articles.

You can select article managers and even create an approval process specific for articles. You may require an approval process for specific article types that require legal or management review prior to publication.

Would your organization like to present articles to agents in various formats?

There are plenty of options out there to house your organizational support articles, but none can match the power and quality of Salesforce Knowledge or the depth of customization allowed when creating articles. You can create custom article‐type templates to render the information to users in various formats. You can also create article‐type layouts and various article types to organize your support articles.

Does your organization need to target particular audiences with certain types of articles?

If subsets of your organizational knowledge are intended only for specific groups or audiences, you can leverage Data categories to ensure the right groups have the right information. Data categories are a set of criteria organized into a hierarchy of groups. Articles are categorized according to the groups that you define (for example, product categories, regional categories, and so on). After you’ve defined data categories and assigned them to articles, they make it easy for users to find the articles they need.

Will your organization need to access detailed reports and metrics about support articles?

If your organization wants to not only supply customer support agents with top‐notch knowledge articles, but also run detailed reports about how the support articles are being used in an effort to continually maintain and improve the knowledge base, then Salesforce Knowledge is definitely the tool to use.

With Salesforce Knowledge, you can create custom article reports or download and install the Knowledge Base Dashboards and Reports app from the AppExchange. With these tools, you can view article usage, ratings, and search statistics by channel or role to proactively manage your organization’s content.

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