Marketo Marketing Software Review


Marketo Marketing Software Review

Marketo is a publisher of Software as a Service (SaaS) marketing automation systems for B2B companies primarily in the small and midsize business (SMB) market but is also extending into the enterprise sector. The company was founded in 2006 by former executives from B2C marketing provider Epiphany, including Epiphany’s president and COO, chief technology officer, and vice president of marketing applications. The trio set out to expand marketing automation in the B2B market with cloud-based marketing automation software which improved ease of acquisition, use and ownership. The first marketing software version was released in 2008. As of November 2012, Marketo counted over 2000 customers and 22,000 user subscribers in B2B industries such as high technology, financial services, healthcare, communications and professional services.

Marketo offers several marketing software products. Marketo Lead Management is a traditional marketing automation system that manages demand generation campaigns in order to deliver sales-ready leads to the sales team. Marketo Sales Insight aids sales staff in prioritizing the most active and qualified leads for sales pursuit. Marketo Social Marketing leverages online engagement components over social networks to expand reach and amplify campaigns. Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics helps marketers visualize, measure and impact the revenue cycle. Collectively, these marketing solutions are designed to help companies automate demand generation processes, decrease revenue cycles, demonstrate marketing performance, and increase marketing budget ROI.

Lead Acquisitions with Email Marketing

Marketo lead acquisition tools include email marketing, landing pages, A/B testing, lead scoring and lead nurturing.

Email marketing uses multiple step email campaigns to personalize messages from sales reps and deepen lead relationships over time. Key email marketing features include:

  • Target lists can be created in a visual, drag and drop user interface based on demographics, activity history and real-time behavioral triggers—all of which better personalize the messaging and collectively increase response rates. Email marketing uses a WYSIWYG email editor, automates triggered and multiple step email programs and sends and tracks emails on behalf of sales people.
  • Lists can be created directly from a campaign. While many marketing software systems create lists separately so they can ensure consistency and be reused and shared among campaigns, there is also an advantage of building a list directly within the campaign.
  • Emails can be created with the visual editor, from templates, by copying and pasting from Microsoft Word (without forcing users to copy and paste only clean text from Notepad) or by importing HTML for those high creativity designers that don’t want structure limitations. Emails are shared across campaigns.


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