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Salesforce – Best CRM Software

Salesforce is a full-featured CRM software for all types of businesses. With Salesforce Small Business Solutions, you can take advantage of all the capabilities Salesforce has to offer with select packages designed for small businesses.

As an all-in-one software, Salesforce offers everything you need to find and keep customers, close sales and grow your business. Features include contact management, lead generation, opportunity management, sales forecasting, workflow automation, collaboration tools and many more — all in one, easy-to-use platform. Salesforce is also a cloud-based CRM software, which gives you anytime, anywhere access to your data, even from mobile devices.

Many companies claim that their CRM software products are simple to use. When we spoke with a Salesforce sales rep, we were told that the software offers an easy-to-use interface that doesn’t require much of a learning curve. To test this, we demoed the software ourselves.

One thing we immediately liked about Salesforce is its customizable dashboard. When you log in, the dashboard greets you with a wide range of report widgets that give you a bird’s-eye view of how your business is performing. Sales reps can also see real-time summaries of their own numbers and customer data. You can customize the dashboard to show you everything from quotas and pipelines to key opportunities, leaderboards, team summaries, sales numbers and many other types of data.

We also liked how easy it was to navigate the software. There is a simple navigation bar at the top of the window. Each tab is separated into the categories, such as Home, Contacts, Accounts, Leads, Campaigns, Opportunities, Forecasts Files and more. This layout made it very easy to get to where we wanted to go. We didn’t have to search around for what we needed — something we did have to do on several other CRM software products. As part of the dashboard’s customizability, you can also reorganize each tab or add your own to cater navigation to your preferences.

Furthermore, we were impressed by how organized each tab was. All data is displayed in a simple list, with links to each contact, account, lead, campaign, etc. The right-hand column also includes a Shortcut widget and Recent Items widget, so you can quickly get to your most recently opened items.

We were also fans of the software’s social capabilities. Salesforce’s social media function and news feed work very much like Facebook, making it very familiar and easy to use. You can easily browse the news feed and post status updates, upload files, share links and more, right from the dashboard.

To try Salesforce yourself before purchasing it, sign up for a free trial here.

Salesforce is all about streamlining the sales process to help your business close sales quickly and easily. To this end, the platform comes with all the features a small business needs to grow using a sales- and insight-driven approach. Everything is done in an efficient and automated way, and the software is designed to provide all of the information you need to manage contacts, find leads, turn prospects into customers, run more efficient marketing campaigns and much more.

Contact management. Salesforce offers a robust contact management system that lets you do more than a traditional address book would. In addition to storing phone numbers, addresses and other contact information, the software keeps other important data to give you a 360-degree view of each customer. For instance, each customer profile includes critical data like activity histories, deals they’re a part of, past communications (and which sales reps are communicating with them), where they are in the sales funnel, and internal notes and discussions. Profiles also automatically populate contacts’ social media accounts — including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube — so you can instantly respond to questions, concerns and what they’re saying about your company online.

Lead generation. The benefit of Salesforce’s lead-generation system is twofold: It lets you make smarter marketing decisions while giving you all the tools you need to turn those prospects into sales opportunities. First, the software gives you a big-picture view of each lead by tracking them all the way back to which campaigns and marketing channels they came from, including social media. This lets you see where your marketing efforts are and aren’t working, as well as which have the most impact on your sales pipeline. Next, Salesforce captures each lead’s most recent activities and contact information, and then automatically assigns them to the right sales reps for timely follow-ups.

Opportunity management. Salesforce lets you efficiently manage opportunities and quickly close sales with built-in deal evaluation and quoting tools. In just a few clicks, reps can create detailed PDF quotes that automatically populate pertinent data — like customer information, quantities, pricing, payment terms, delivery information and more — and email it to the customer directly from the Salesforce platform. The software can also show you the value of each deal and the current stage of the deal, as well as track activities and receive alerts as accounts progress through the sales process.

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